RoadifyTV is a transit information display for public signage. Build a display in minutes that shows arrival times and service advisories for any location you choose.

Why Use RoadifyTV

Attract customers

Advertise that you'll let patrons know when transit is coming on eye-catching displays

Create engaging displays quickly and easily

Display transit info in its own frame alongside other content

Provide a better end to end guest experience:

Give customers confidence to shop longer and not worry about the next bus or train

Generate revenue with ads

Give people a reason to look at ads by displaying them alongside critical transit information

Promote sustainability

Go green and reduce traffic congestion by encouraging patrons to use mass transit

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How Do I Use RoadifyTV?

1. Name your display.


2. Pick a location near any of the nearly one million transit stops we cover. You can search for a specific address or by points of interest.


3. Click on the map marker and specify in the search field the modes of transportation you want (buses, subways, trains, etc.)


4. Drag the circle around your map marker to set a radiushow close transit needs to be to your location to go up on the display.


5. Check the auto-scroll box if you want the RoadifyTV display to scroll automatically on your screen.


6. Paste the HTML code snippet you receive into a frame on your display. The RoadifyTV display will automatically size to the frame and scroll alongside other content on your screen.