What Is Roadify?

Our tech startup aims to combine the world’s wealth of public transit information into one simple and fun-to-use platform.

Roadify helps commuters get the information they need from official sources, while also allowing them to help one another along the way by adding reports of their own. Roadify focuses on real-time transit information accessible anytime and (eventually) in any city.

Roadify was built for and by folks that were: tired of running after the bus; not knowing about transit delays and closures; frustrated trying to find a parking spot; tired of needing 15 different apps to navigate any new city. If you live in an urban environment, odds are you fit (at least) one of those categories.

We hope you enjoy using Roadify and that you not only get useful information but you take part in it. We have been working on this with a focus on New York City but plan to expand globally as this is a solution that is universal.

How It Works

Roadify takes transit schedules, service alerts, delays and other official data and adds a layer of crowdsourced commentary about local transit conditions from riders. We supplement these rider comments with Tweets and other proprietary data, providing Roadify with the most accurate service conditions available anywhere. If something is wrong with your commute, you'll know about it first or have the opportunity to ensure other riders do.

The Roadify platform is accessible on a single mobile app and soon for publishers via an API.

  Roadify Helps:

   1. Anyone with an iPhone who rides mass transit

   2. Enterprises providing transit information such as    navigation companies, mapping services, auto    companies, travel services, and hotel chains
3. Regional publishers such as newspaper sites, broadcasters, transit agencies

4. Local business such as publishers, merchants, sports and entertainment venues, etc

5. Location based advertisers such as retailers, franchises, brands.

The Roadify Team

Nick Nyhan  founded Roadify in Fall 2009.

Scott Kolber  is Roadify's CEO.

Ethan Arutunian  is our CTO.

Dan Robinson  is in charge of the Roadify Product.

Brian Bush  heads up Business Operations and Analytics.

Dylan Goelz  leads Marketing and Design.

We'd love to hear from you!

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